# Awssat's Open Source

A wise man once said (aka Bernard Shaw) "If you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."; We beleive that most of these are ideas that we love to share them with you.

Laravel Packages

# Laravel Visits

Laravel Visits is an advanced counter that can be attached to any model to track its visits with useful features like IP-protection and lists caching.

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# Laravel Sync Migration

It's a tool to help ease the repetitive migration process during developing a Laravel project without migrate:fresh your database every time you change you schemas.

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# Laravel Blade Audit

Laravel's artisan command to show extensive information about any blade view in laravel's project.

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# Laravel Query Reset

Clear previously set statements in Laravel query builder/Eloqent builder easily.

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PHP Packages

# numberedStringOrder

Sort an array of strings based on the included numbers naturally. An alternative to PHP built-in natsort function that's actually work.

Source Code

# str-helper

A flexible, simple & yet powerful string manipulation helper for PHP

Source Code

# array-helper

A flexible, simple & yet powerful array manipulation helper for PHP

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# imageAi for PHP

A PHP wrapper of ImageAi that gives self-contained Computer Vision capabilities

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TailwindCSS Tools

# Tailwindo

This tool can convert Boostrap CSS classes in any HTML code to equivalent Tailwind CSS classes.

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# Tailwind Shift

A helper tool to upgrade your current codes of a project to latest version of TailwindCSS without a hassle.

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